Overland Video Surveillance Solutions

Overland video surveillance solutions consist of a Plug & Play and a Scalable solution covering a broad spectrum of use cases. The Plug & Play Small-Medium Business solution is seamlessly integrated for fast and easy deployment while the Scalable Enterprise solution with the modular architecture provides the flexibility to independently scale capacity and performance. These performance optimized solutions with attractive low TCO can be customized with ease to meet customer requirements. Further, with Overland Storage you have complete data life cycle management with Overland Snap storage providing the best price-performance, with off-site replication at no additional cost and an automated backup and archiving solution to RDX® removable media and NEO® tape libraries.


Plug & Play Small-Medium Business Solution

  • Overland Storage has developed an integrated Plug & Play video surveillance solution where the deployment takes just a few steps with pre-configured factory orderable components and can be configured in less than 15 minutes.

Scalable Enterprise Solution

  • Overland storage has a flexible, modular architecture for scaling the number of cameras, video resolution and retention period while maintaining performance. The camera streams can be tagged with analytics software and archived in Overland Storage removable media (RDX) or NEO Tape libraries.

Customers choose Overland Storage for Video Surveillance

  • Best performance and capacity for a range of camera streams
  • Combines ease of use and affordability
  • Effortlessly moves data between storage tiers for cost effective storage
  • One of the most recognized brands in the industry, honored with more than 80 industry awards
  • Over 300,000+ enterprise deployments and used by a majority of Fortune 500