Our Solutions


Virtual Desktops

HVE ConneXions VDI Appliances are designed to provide a rich end-user experience without expensive infrastructure costs in the datacenter. We offers 3 basic configuration types: Standalone, Cloud Hotspot, and Tethered.


Replication Technologies

Snap Encrypted Continuous Replication (Snap ECR™) is a secure continuous data replication providing a Disaster Recovery solution for SMB's and Enterprises at no additional cost as it is part of Snap Storage.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

Overland video surveillance solutions consist of a Plug & Play and a Scalable solution covering a broad spectrum of use cases. Over 300,000+ enterprise deployments and used by a majority of Fortune 500.


Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Our Business is to Support Your Business. As a managed service provider, you can count on us to provide profitable, reliable, industry-leading solutions and unparalleled support.


Object-Based Scale-Out Storage

Avoid the Cost and Headache of Legacy Scale-Up Storage. Prepare your business for the future by proactively moving to object-based, scale-out storage.


Disaster Recovery

Ensure Business Continues, No Matter What Happens. With the Right Disaster Recovery Cloud, a Business Can Survive Anything. When a site-wide disaster hits, be ready to recover with the help of our disaster recovery cloud.


Data Protection

ShadowProtect allows you to recover data fast - anywhere, anytime. Downtime and data loss cost businesses revenue, productivity, customers, even reputation and brand equity. Protect with ShadowProtect.

Infortrend financial

Financial Services

With the continuous increase of data that banks, the insurance industry, and other financial institutions require, a powerful, dynamic, and secured storage solution is the perfect answer for such need.

Infortrend Education

Education & Academic

With the arrival of digital education, Infortrend storage systems can become your most powerful backing when pursuing a digitalized process with emphasis on efficiency and amount of knowledge.

Infortrend Media

Media & Entertainment

EonStor DS 4000 SAN Storage is one of Infortrend's enterprise-class RAID system that is a perfect solution for high-performance and reliable storage solutions. Find out more today.

Infortrend Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Tremendous capacity and affordable price with robust data protection for video storage demands. EonStor DS 1000 SAN storage system is the answer to your surveillance storage needs.

Hyper-converged Secondary Storage for Backup

As IT data centers move to hyper-converged infrastructure, innovative backup approaches are required to recover from any failure within minutes.

Business Telephony

Your phone's at the heart of your business. When customers call. When teams connect. So our solutions put reliability first.

Mobile Campus

Intelligent network infrastructures connect people, applications, and things on and across your networks. Simply, securely and reliably.

Cloud Communications

Welcome to the future of business technology: flexible, cloud-based models that let you pay as you go.