Always Protected, Highly Secured, Cloud Integrated.

Snap Encrypted Continuous Replication (Snap ECR™) is a secure continuous data replication providing a Disaster Recovery solution for SMB’s and Enterprises at no additional cost as it is part of Snap Storage.


Replicate data at wire speed, efficiently and securely.

Snap ECR with its continuous data replication enables Business Continuity with near zero data loss (RPO). Snap ECR can replicate data at wire speed between Snap Storage environments: SnapServer and SnapCLOUD

High Performance

Continuous replication at wire speed for a broad range of workloads including millions of files and deep directory structures using multi-streams.

Secure Data Replication

  • Strong authentication between replication hosts utilizing digital certificates
  • Military grade secure over-the-wire encryption with 4096 bit keys
  • No VPN necessary

Bandwidth Throttling

  • Allows user to manage the bandwidth used by replication which maybe be necessary especially in a WAN Scenario

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Easy to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution with on-premise SnapServer and SnapCLOUD and do it without a VPN