Avoid the Cost and Headache of Legacy Scale-Up Storage.

Shift to object-based scale-out storage, and enjoy enterprise-grade features, the end of forklift upgrades, and simplicity of management.

Traditional Storage is Unsustainable.

By 2025, data volume will be close to 1,000 percent more than what it is today, and your legacy storage solution will let you down when its reaches its architecture limits. You need a scale-out approach to keep up with this rapid growth to avoid expensive forklift upgrades and sprawling storage islands. Enter OneBlox: your storage reimagined.

Prepare for Growth with a Future-Proof Storage Solution.

Don’t wait for your data storage architecture to take you down or price you out. Prepare your business for the future by proactively moving to object-based, scale-out storage. OneBlox offers the features that efficiency-minded IT professionals seek.


Built to Scale

OneBlox instantly grows your global storage pool. Nodes and drives are added to your cluster in minutes with zero configuration.

Simple, Powerful Administration

Manage your storage from wherever you are. OneSystem eliminates unnecessary configuration with its enterprise-grade data management features.

Protect and Optimize Data

Inline deduplication, compression, continuous snapshots, and encryption ensure your data is both optimized and safe.

Prepare for Disasters

Be ready for system disasters with the ability to restore your data in minutes with flexible replication over wide-area networks and withstand ransomware attacks with continuous snapshots.