Lightning-fast Speed and High Dependable System with All-Time Availability for User-Sensitive Applications

With the continuous increase of data that banks, insurance industry, and other financial institutions require, a powerful, dynamic, and secured storage solution is the perfect answer for such need. However, this demand has also increased the level of difficulty and complexity for IT personnel when purchasing or deploying such system.

Infortrend storage systems provide reliable and dependable solutions with fast response time, massive capacity, and high stability to ensure data availability and security. Data loss and disk failures are prevented with the support of IDR (Intelligent Drive Recovery), which ensures online service quality and safety from rebuild impact and SED (Self-Encrypted Drives), which ensures privacy of sensitive data and avoids detrimental results during data/disk loss.

All flash memory speeds up application response time

Ultra-high speed of 700K IOPS with a latency of less than 0.5ms for a quicker application response such as OLTP, databases, and virtualization.

Enhanced performance and efficiency with SSD hybrid storage

  • Automatic storage data tiering meets speed and performance requirements when running databases and VDI.
  • Maximum capacity of 4 PB to store more customer information and use of numerous services.