Exceptional performance to effectively improve online education services

As the trend of the world shifting to academics in recent years, source of education knowledge is not limited to classrooms or books anymore. With the arrival of digital education, Infortrend storage systems can become your most powerful backing when pursuing a digitalized process with emphasis on efficiency and amount of knowledge.

EonStor GS/GSe Pro unified storage systems feature high performance, rich data services, and cloud integration to ensure data integrity and security. With Infortrend’s SyncCloud feature, various cloud services can be integrated with numerous cloud providers, storing frequently accessed data from the cloud to local storage as cache to speed up data access. Data stored on the cloud can be backed up to different sites to realize efficient disaster recovery. EonStor GS/GSe Pro supports a wide range of file systems and interface protocols to offer users flexible deployment and convenient file sharing during scientific research.

e-Learning / Flipped Classroom

  • File sharing comes with a 3,600MB/s bandwidth for use with class schedules, homework, and co-work
  • File sharing supports a maximum of 20,000 users and 512 user groups
  • One data folder supports a maximum of 2,048 device connections

Data Management for Digital Libraries

  • Maximum capacity of 9PB to efficiently solve the ever-increasing issue of digital library storage growth
  • Supports SyncCloud, capacity is expanded to public clouds (where infrequently used data is archived) to lower costs

Network Education Platform

  • Fully customizable storage periods and strategies for local and cloud storage on a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Synchronize data stored on local storage and the cloud, offering data storage, sharing, and cloud computing services for network education platforms
  • With unique algorithms, data can be properly allocated between the EonStor GS and cloud, thereby maximizing the storage performance and security
  • Full encryption for cloud storage and network transfer, supports AES-256 encryption and self encrypting drives (SED) to protect from malicious attacks and prevent data leak

Big Data Analysis for Gene Banks on the Cloud

  • A gene sequencer generates one million data every 72 hours, with 5 sequencers connected to a hybrid cloud storage
  • Hybrid cloud storage automatically synchronizes data sets to the cloud
  • Data stored on cloud storage is synchronized to high-performance cloud computing NAS via synchronization tools on the cloud
  • Cloud computing clusters will compute gene data
  • Computed results are synchronized to local devices via cloud storage
  • Cloud storage can also provide remote backup for gene data